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A Trump helicopter had accident in New York and nobody knew: Report

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If one of President Donald Trump’s personal helicopters was involved in a minor accident in New York City and no one knew, did it still happen?

According to a report in Page Six, yes.

A Trump Organization chopper was involved in a minor crash at the West Side Heliport in Manhattan on June 15. The aircraft’s tail rotor hit a fence as it was landing, and photos obtained by Page Six appeared to show that the rotor was snapped off upon impact.

The helicopter was completely grounded as a result of the damage and taken for repairs — but not before its “Trump” logo was reportedly obscured with tape, something a source told Page Six was “the first concern.”

The anonymous witness added that the chopper had a “bad landing,” and no injuries appear to have been reported.

President Trump is required to travel on Air Force One and Marine One, not his personal fleet, which includes two planes and three helicopters.

While it is unknown who was using the chopper on June 15, first daughter-slash-adviser Ivanka Trump and her husband and fellow presidential adviser Jared Kushner, were said to have been on board as his children still use Trump Organization aircrafts when not traveling with their father. Trump’s team denied the power couple was involved.