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Ivanka Trump learns the definition of shade after she tweets on solar eclipse

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Over the weekend it wasn’t President Donald Trump causing a ruckus on Twitter; instead, it was daughter Ivanka Trump catching heat for a tweet she made ahead of Monday’s solar eclipse.

The United States will see its first total solar eclipse in 38 years, and first daughter Ivanka Trump was just trying to share a little knowledge when she tweeted out a graphic on Sunday explaining how a solar eclipse works  but it was Ivanka Trump who ended up getting schooled.

Her tweet was innocent enough, “Wondering how it works? In a solar #eclipse, the moon passes between the sun & Earth & blocks all or part of the sun for up to about 3 hours,” she tweeted.

But in today’s era of politics and social media, Twitter used it as an excuse to cast some shade on Ivanka Trump, her father and his administration.

“That’s longer than most White House employees last,” Twitter user @brooklundy1 wrote.

Another user, @sirDukeDevin, tweeted a photo of President Trump’s silhouette eclipsing a light and included the caption, “The only eclipse I’m worried about right now.”

Another meme also hinted at the shadow President Trump’s leadership was casting on the world. Twitter user @mildredmud tweeted out a cartoon drawing of a globe with a shadow of Trump’s face cast across it under the caption, “Trump eclipse.”

Some poked fun at Ivanka’s unnecessary explanation for a simple topic.

“Did u ever wonder what that bright thing is in the sky? It’s called S-U-N. Learn more about THE SUN. The Sun is very hot!” @Brownpotus tweeted alongside a gif of a waving cartoon sun.

Some took the opportunity to lash out at Ivanka for focusing on what they considered the wrong topic of conversation following last week’s tumultuous week.

“Thanks Ivanka. But we don’t need your help understanding the eclipse. Perhaps you should help your dad understand what nazis stand for,” @keithrvictor wrote on Twitter.

“Thank you! Now teach you dad the difference between heel and heal,” tweeted @tonyposnanski, making an obvious reference to President Trump’s inflammatory remarks following the fatal protest in Charlottesville, Virginia last week.

And of course, this one:

This isn’t the first time Ivanka Trump has caused a stir on Twitter, though. She pissed more than a few people off with her tweet about champagne popsicles on Memorial Day weekend.

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