Activists will rally to end menstruation poverty – Metro US

Activists will rally to end menstruation poverty

Tampon recall

Youth activist plan to hold a rally Saturday at New York City Hall to speak out against the taxation of menstruation products as part of a nationwide protest on National Period Day. 

Members of the Menstrual Movement are firm believers that it is a fundamental human right to have access to menstrual hygienic products like tampons and maxi pads. All are welcome to join to Menstrual Movement; it is being labeled as an inclusive event that places importance on gender equality. 

The protesters are calling on officials for two actions: they want safe menstrual products to be free and easily accessible in prisons, shelters, and schools, and they want the elimination of the “tampon tax.” 

It was reported that 35 states currently have sales tax on period products since they are considered “luxury items.” It was also reported that, on average, a woman will spend $11,000 on tampons in their lifetime. 

One in every four women struggles to affordable menstrual products due to lack of income. Additionally, a new study showed that 46 percent of women have to choose between food or menstrual health products. 

Nadya Okamoto, Founder and Executive Director at PERIOD said in a press release that, “The work we are doing at PERIOD has never been more important than right now especially with everything happening in the world around reproductive rights and gender equality.” 

Additionally, Okamoto added, “In the last four years, PERIOD has addressed over 700,000 periods through our work distributing PERIOD packs and products. Our work and activism this coming year will be critical to addressing our goal of ending period poverty and stigma. We demand change NOW.”

News of this rally comes within a week of Governor Cuomo announcing that New York will be the first state to have ingredient labels on menstrual products. 

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the movement, you can find the event listing on facebook.com. If unable to attend, there is also national petition listed online to sign, which you can find at actionnetwork.org.