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All of the food we’re going to obsess over in 2019, according to Uber Eats

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The food trends in 2019 will be healthier and greener than ever before.

Using data from its food delivery app Uber Eats, Uber has predicted the upcoming food trends 2019.

According to their food trend report for 2019, clean eating, health, wellness and sustainability will become a bigger priority for customers next year, leading to more green orders.

Here are five, quite unexpected, treats that are expected to be trendy next year according to Uber Eats.

Food trends 2019

 Pea milk

Food trends 2019

Alternative milks have recently become a big hit among customers and you’ve probably heard about almond milk or oat milk before, but what about pea milk?

According to Uber Eats, pea milk is going to be the leading non-dairy alternative of 2019.

The milk is based on peas and has a natural flavor so, unlike most nut milks, you won’t taste it in your coffee.






I can’t miss out on this day? Happy #worldmankoushehday #اليوم_العالمي_للمنقوشة

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Manaeesh is an olive oil rich flatbread, often topped with a mixture of dried thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, cheese or meat.

The dish is full of flavors and originates from the Eastern Mediterranean kitchen and is also the national breakfast dish of Lebanon.

The tasty bread goes well with hummus and is a perfect side.

Rolled ice cream

 Food trends 2019

Rolled ice cream has been on the market for a while, but Uber Eats thinks 2019 is going to be its breakout year.

It comes in a lot of flavors and is very photogenic.


Food trends 2019

Impossible foods, wanted to convince meat eaters to stop eating their beef burgers in exchange for plant-based ones but they didn’t know how.

They found their answer in heme, the iron-rich molecule in blood that carries oxygen and is responsible for the deep-red color. By including heme in plant-based burgers, they’ll look, taste and also behave like meat.

FDA approved the ingredient earlier this year and it’s believed to be the future alternative to beef burgers.

Chulpe Corn





Andean Toasted Chulpe Corn (Cancha) popcorns which pop inside #cancha #chulpecorn #popcorn #snack #peru

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Chulpe corn is toasted corn that is really popular in Peru and has just landed in the U.S.

It’s very similar to popcorn and is made from a special variety of corn called maiz chulpe. When you heat them up the dried kernels will begin to pop, but unlike regular popcorn, the kernels don’t burst out and puff out.

Instead, chulpe corn gets slightly puffy and toasted, like corn nuts, and it has an addictive starchy taste. 

Food trends in 2018

 Food trends 2019

Uber Eats also analyzed what the most popular orders were this year.

In their annual report, they confirmed that we’re still obsessed with avocado toast, that came first on the list closely followed by Goth food (food that’s been dyed black for aesthetic purposes).

“The power couple toast and avocado reigned supreme, with the highly ‘grammable ‘goth food’ trend close behind,” the report states. 

This year’s list also featured classic favorites like tacos and chicken wings but, according to their new trend-list, the classics will disappear in 2019.

“As we look ahead to the new year,” the report states, “it’s clear that people aren’t just ordering in Chinese food and pizza anymore.”

Can you believe that? Let’s wait and see what the new year has to offer.

The complete lists

Food trends in 2019

1. Plant-based foods

2. Smoothie bowls

3. Pea milk

4. Seitan

5. Rolled ice cream

6. Manaeesh

7. Heme

8. Keto

9. Bulgur

10. Pumpkin

11. Farro

12. Turmeric


14. Chia

15. Chulpe corn

Food trends 2018

1. Toast

2. Avocado

3. Goth food

4. Cucumber

5. Wings

6. Tofu

7. Soup

8. Celery

9. Tuna

10. Tacos

11. Salmon

12. Coconut

13. Brown rice

14. Hummus

15. Kale

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