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All the ways to watch One Day at a Time season 3

One Day at a Time season 3
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With Fuller House on the way out at Netflix, the current TV revival trend that has resuscitated classics like Roseanne and Will & Grace may finally be coming to an end. Then again, a new Twilight Zone produced by Jordan Peele is about to launch at CBS All Access, so maybe not just yet. Either way, one thing remains clear: One Day at a Time season 3 is now on Netflix and it’s great enough to change even the most cynical TV viewers’ minds about the revival craze.

Based on the Norman Lear classic of the same name that aired during the late 1970s and early 1980s, Netflix’s One Day at a Time follows U.S. Army veteran and single mother Penelope Alvarez (Justina Machado) and her family. Between raising her daughter Elena (Isabella Gomez) and son Alex (Marcel Ruiz) sans their father, living with her mother Lydia (Rita Moreno), and dealing with her friendly landlord Schneider (Todd Grinnell), Penelope’s plate is always full.

What is One Day at a Time season 3 about

Yet like the original before it, One Day at a Time manages to pack plenty of laughs, plot points and relevant real-world connections into an otherwise seemingly traditional half-hour sitcom. It’s quite unlike the majority of what original TV programming has looked like on streaming, as these shows have often taken advantage of there being no commercials or little network oversight. Now this show, and especially not One Day at a Time season 3.

One Day at a Time season 3

This is likely due to Lear’s involvement in the project, as the TV veteran serves as executive producer. Even so, co-creators and co-showrunners Mike Royce and Gloria Calderón Kellett, along with their fantastic writers’ room, have managed to put out consistently hilarious and moving episodes for two seasons. With One Day at a Time season 3, it seems this winning process is still working for them.

How to watch One Day at a Time season 3

Along with the always hilarious Stephen Tobolowsky frequently guesting, One Day at a Time season 3 also features a supporting appearance by Gloria Estefan, who sings the show’s theme song. She plays the sister of Rita Moreno’s character in an episode. Brooklyn Nine-Nine regulars Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz are also featured in the new season, as are many other surprise cameos.

All 13 episodes of One Day at a Time season 3 are now available to stream on Netflix. If you don’t have a subscription and are looking to watch the hit comedy series, however, then you’re out of luck.