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All the ways you can watch Silicon Valley online

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If you catch up on episodes of Silicon Valley on cable TV, are you really doing it right? Shouldn’t you at least stream the newest exploits of Richard and the gang since it is, after all, a show about tech startups? Lucky for you, we have all the ways you can watch Silicon Valley online.

Before you watch Silicon Valley online, you might want to double check that your phone’s not at risk for catching fire (thanks for that new fear, Richard) and you’re not late for a tech conference. Ready to go? Read on for the best ways to catch up with the Pied Piper crew.

Can you watch Silicon Valley on Hulu?

You’ve got a couple different ways to watch Silicon Valley online, but Hulu (not to be confused with Hooli) isn’t one of them. Keep checking back, though, since the offerings on popular streaming services are constantly changing. Metro will update this article if Hulu offers any episodes of the hit HBO show in the future.

Other ways to watch Silicon Valley online

It’s easy to think of the top two names in streaming services as your first and second go-tos for this sort of thing, but there are plenty of other options that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re in need of some upbeat life wisdom from Jared, check out these other ways to catch up on the show:

Silicon Valley HBO Go

Naturally, since it’s an HBO show, you can watch Silicon Valley online through HBO Go. You can watch new episodes as they’re released through the network’s streaming service and catch up on or rewatch past seasons when you’re waiting for the next installment of their adventures creating a new internet. You’ll need to pay a monthly subscription rate, or you can read on for how to get a free one-month trial, which you could time perfectly with the release of the upcoming season (hint hint).

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Silicon Valley Amazon Prime

You can have the ultimate Pied Piper party and binge-watch the entire series from episode one through the finale of season four through Amazon Prime Video. You can even add Silicon Valley season 5 to your watch list for alerts when the new episodes are dropped. Though Amazon Prime you can buy entire seasons in HD or SD or even individual episodes if you have favorites.

Amazon Prime members can also buy an HBO channel subscription. It’ll set you back $14.99 per month, but you’ll get unlimited, on-demand access to current and past HBO content. So, essentially, it’s the same offerings as HBO Go, but you can also get a one-month free trial.

Silicon Valley FuboTV

Unfortunately HBO isn’t one of the networks currently on FuboTV, so you’ll have to go with one of the other options this time. Keep checking back, though, as the online live TV service expands to include other major networks.

And check out our guide to catching up on Silicon Valley on Netflix.