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Ann Curry is all, ‘Megyn Kelly don’t impress me much’

Ann Curry The View
Ann Curry, the cutest! Getty

Ann Curry is still on her “I’m not having that” tour and we are all the way here for it, OK?

The latest? Curry guest-hosted the View and touched on the blossoming feud between Jane Fonda and Megyn Kelly. For those of you who don’t know — Kelly asked Fonda about her plastic surgery, Fonda was like, “OK, but what are we really doing here?” and then Fonda continued speaking out about why it was such a dumb question.

Kelly, for her part, took a bunch of time out of her show to slam Fonda, saying “Look at her treatment of our military during the Vietnam War. The moral indignation is a little much. Honestly, she has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive.” And yes, Kelly apparently forgot she now works for “Today” and not FOX News. She basic!

For her part, Curry — who is like, a mature actual journalist and normal human being — is decidedly #TeamFonda. “We’re supposed to be humble,” she said. “We’re supposed to use whatever time we’re given to shine a light on other stories.

“There are so many stories that we’re not covering,” she continued. “And to take time with this … is not journalism.” IS. NOT. JOURNALISM. Thank you, Curry!

But seriously: More Currys in the world please. For every Lauer that is fired, may there be tens of Currys coming to our rescue.

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