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Anna Faris will stand by Chris Pratt, no matter what

Anna Faris is standing by her man, or whatever.

The actress took to Twitter to address some of the not-so-great feedback husband Chris Pratt has been facing lately. Apparently Pratt, 37, is very intensely feeling the sads because of the negative press. So much so, it’s keeping him up at night.

“Chris feels terrible about the thing he said,” she wrote. “I can attest to this. He is up at night.”

She continued, “Truthfully, and I want to be frank, Chris is truly the best person I know. And he will be annoyed with me for tweeting this, but I love him.”

Yeah, sounds like a pretty standard wifely response. Thing is, Faris, 40, never really specifies “the thing he said.” She could be talking about his recent comments about refusing to take pictures with fans, saying “If I go out and want to do normal things, I have to be comfortable disappointing people. So I just don’t take pictures with people. Because that’s not about enjoying the moment; it’s about stealing the moment to brag about later.”

Or it could be about someone being excited for taking a picture with someone they’re inspired by or look up to, but what do I know?

Or! “The thing he said” could refer to his comments about feeling like his people are being underrepresented in Hollywood, LOL: “I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories… The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.” Reminder: he is a white man. White men literally run Hollywood.

He later briefly checked his privilege in a tweet, admitting that it was a pretty stupid thing to say. Which, props.

Anyway, while it doesn’t seem like anyone is actually ganging up on Pratt, we should all stop entertaining the very idea of ganging up on him, because listen. He very nearly owned up to his privilege, and also? He feels bad about it. His wife says so!

Let’s just fondly remember that he is indeed very charming — I mean, Pratt’s portrayal of Andy Dwyer was nothing short of genius, come on — and that he’s only trying to promote the seemingly lackluster “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”  

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