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Anthony Bourdain’s tips for how to make amazing eggnog

Anthony Bourdain

There’s no better way to get boozy during the holiday season than learning how to make eggnog.

The creamy beverage is one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite Christmas treats, and the “Parts Unknown” host has perfected his take on the drink over the years. During a recent chat with Metro, Bourdain admitted that he developed a love for eggnog as a kid because it was the only alcoholic drink he was allowed to sip on before he turned of age.

“Christmas, I’m a big eggnog fan,” Bourdain says. “I have a real soft spot for that. It was the only drink that I was allowed to drink with abandon as a minor.”

As a seasoned chef, Bourdain, of course, laughs at the idea of drinking the store-bought variety. Instead, he’d much rather go through the process of making his “killer eggnog” himself.

“I don’t buy that stuff at 7-Eleven,” Bourdain says. “I use the old Craig Claiborne recipe.”

The recipe by the late New York Times food editor and critic is pretty much the gold standard for making eggnog in culinary circles.

Dating back to 1958, Claiborne’s version of the holiday treat involves the usual items like eggs and cream, but it also uses bourbon and Cognac, which help to loosen the mixture of beaten yolks and sugar. Once that concoction is folded into the whipped cream and whipped egg whites, it creates a “faintly boozy chiffon,” according to the Times. The recipe suggests adding salt to the egg whites as well, which helps to “sharpen the flavors.”

For Bourdain, though, the key to creating amazing eggnog during the holidays is to make sure that you take your time to do everything by hand—and don’t skimp on the alcohol.

“It’s three different boozes and handmade, whisked cream, egg,” Bourdain says. “It’s awesome.”

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