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Apparently it was funny to shoot ’Game Of Thrones’s’ infamous Red Wedding sequence

Kit Harington in Game Of Thrones

Over the years Game Of Thrones has provoked a wide range of reactions from those that have watched it. 

There’s been shock, surprise, exhilaration and, quite often, disgust at the gory death scenes. But, apparently, when those involved are making “Game of Thrones,” they actually find the latter sequences rather funny to shoot. 

That’s according to weapons expert and armorer Natalia Lee, who has worked on “Game Of Thrones” since its very first season all the way up to its upcoming finale. 

I recently had the chance to speak to Lee about her experiences on the show, during which time she brought up how viewers will be outraged by the violence that it depicts. 

Lee recalled how the sight of a pregnant woman being stabbed in an episode provoked a particularly angry response from those watching, before adding, “You forget. Because when you are there it is fake blood. And you are kind of laughing at it. It is very gooey and does not look real. But people are outraged and everyone has opinions.”

Although she didn’t mention it by name, the episode in question was probably The Rains of Castamere, which featured the infamous Red Wedding. Because that’s where we see Talisa Stark (Oona Chaplin) repeatedly stabbed in the stomach by Lothar Frey, shortly after it was revealed she was pregnant. 

Lee admitted that these reactions can get a little too much. From time to time she even tries to hide from “Game Of Thrones’s” incredible popularity. But she often fails to do so. 

“It’s crazy when everyone talks about it. When I first moved to Los Angeles I wanted to have a bit of a detox.” 

“I was in an apartment block and it was night time and I thought, ‘Oh wonderful. Nothing to do with ‘Game Of Thrones’.’ Then suddenly I looked up at these flat-screens in everyone’s apartments and they had lit up with the show.”

“I was just in the swimming pool going, ‘I can never get away from it!’ Then there was a massive billboard outside, too. I try not to tell anyone what I do. I go to yoga class and everyone will still be asking me, ‘Did you watch it last night?’”

However, Lee is the first to admit that she wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Look, it is amazing. There is no-one that doesn’t say, ‘I am such a big fan and can’t wait to talk to you.’ So it is amazing that I get to wake up and be part of that. It would be worse if people said, ‘I hate you and I hate what you do’.”

We’ll get to see if “Game Of Thrones” can top the brutality that has kept viewers so throughly enthralled for the last seven seasons when its final batch of episodes are released at some point in 2019.