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Are banks open on July 4th?

are banks open on july 4th

The 4th of July is on a Wednesday. Sure, that doesn’t make for the most exciting Independence Day ever, but it does mean you get two weekends worth of celebrating if you want double the cookouts. Even so, a Wednesday is a Wednesday, which means you’ll probably have errands just like every other Hump Day — but are banks open on July 4th for you to take care of them?

If you’re like us, you’re doing the bulk of your BBQ hopping on one of the weekends around July 4th this year. The actual Wednesday will be for resting up from the hectic work week, which will be stressful from trying to get five days of work done in four. So what about your banking that you need to get done next week?

You plan on spending big money at Walmart getting ready for the cookout of your own, and you’d like to know where you stand financially. (If you’re more of a Target or Costco person, we also have guides to which of those superstores is open on the holiday.) Maybe make sure the paycheck from that stressful job of yours actually came through on the 30th like it was supposed to.

Are banks open on July 4th?

So, are banks open on July 4th or do you need to squeeze dropping off that deposit slip into your to-do list on Monday or Tuesday? Since Indepence Day is a federal holiday, so most banks will be closed to observe the occasion.

are banks open on july 4th fireworks

Banks that are completely shut down for July 4th include Bank of America, Bank of the West, Capital One Bank, Chase Bank, Citibank, Citizens Bank, HSBC Bank, SunTrust Bank, TD Bank, Union Bank and Wells Fargo. Some locations of US Bank might have limited hours, so call your nearest location to check on their status for Wednesday, July 4th.

Your mobile banking apps will, of course, still be available on Independence Day, but any transfers or deposits you make could be delayed until after the holiday.