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Are Scott Disick and Bella Thorne for real?

Scott Disick Bella Thorne Disgusting

Scott Disick is a 33-year-old man who found fame impregnating Kourtney Kardashian. Bella Thorne is a 19-year-old who used to star in a Disney Channel series, “Shake it Up” with Zendaya. Thorne is clearly going through a phase right now, and perhaps because of that, she and Disick appear to be dating. But also, it’s probably because they both just really love attention!

Disick and Thorne have been spotted groping each other in Cannes this week and it’s pretty unpleasant to look at. Just trust me on it. He’s literally grabbing her breasts like he’s Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic,” and they’re the door that Kate Winslet is staying afloat on. It is a true terror.

Anyway, a source tells People that Thorne “really likes the attention,” which is both very clear and very obvious. And clearly, Disick doesn’t mind it either. “There’s definitely chemistry,” another source tells the mag. “And they both seem to love the attention. It’s not like they’re hiding… [they’re] having fun together — partying and acting very flirty.” Sweet Dumbledore in heaven, help me!

Rumors about the odd couple started last week when they stepped out for an evening together in Los Angeles. “It was a real date,” a source told People. But the source, who is at least somewhat committed to the truth, said that while it was a fun night out, the pair is not going to be “some long-term relationship.”

And if you’re worried about Disick’s ex-girlfriend slash baby mama Kourtney Kardashian, don’t be. The 38-year-old is fairly loaded, no longer dating Disick, and in the style of Britney Spears before her, has found her own pretty young thing. Mmhm: The eldest Kardashian is dating 23-year-old model, Younes Bendjima. And they’re in Cannes too. “Kourtney is having fun and he makes her happy,” a source says. “After all the drama with Scott, Younes is a great distraction. Scott is an absolute mess.”

You can say that again!

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