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Artists offer ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ show on wheels

Producer Nicholas Medvescek, left, and Playw

Boston-area producer Nicholas Medvescek is offering a spin on traditional Valentine’s Day for the single and taken alike – a play that focuses on an “alternative” relationship in what can only be considered an alternative setting: a 2007 Toyota Corolla.

“Me Monster,” written by MJ Halberstadt, is the latest in a series of Medvescek’s mini productions, or “mini pros.” Mini pros, which run under 20 minutes and take under 20 hours to produce, are intended to allow for maximum creativity.

These shows take place in unconventional locations, and are meant to function like pop-up performances, according to Medvescek. His goal is to foster creativity and provide a platform for other artists. Medvescek and Halberstadt previously staged another 15-minute drama, “Teddy,” in December with a series of pick-ups in Coolidge Corner with actor Will Madden.

“I really wanted to do something that followed more closely models of how a visual artist – a painter – or even a novelist might be able to act on a creative impulse, where they can get up one day and [work] if the spirit’s striking them, if they feel very inspired,” Medvescek says.

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“Me Monster,” which will take audience members for a drive around Cambridge three at a time, features humorous tension between two old friends. The driver and the front-seat passenger will put on the fifteen-minute play as Dave and Pete, who are grappling with “the delicate balance between being talked to and talked at.”

While currently there is no core team and the artists are mainly relying on word of mouth to attract their audiences, Medvescek’s hope is that eventually there will be a network of mini pros throughout the Boston area. As mini pros require little funding, any profits go directly to artists.

“What’s very important to me is finding some kind of model that benefits artists financially [so that they can] do risky work or do work that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise,” Medvescek said.

“Me Monster” will be performed on Feb. 14 starting at 6 p.m. Tickets are $6 and must be purchased before the day of the performance on ves.ticketleap.com.

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