As Joaquin tracks out to sea, another storm is set to batter the New York area - Metro US

As Joaquin tracks out to sea, another storm is set to batter the New York area

The New York area can expect to see a strong wind-swept storm with nor’easter-like conditions bring steady rain and coastal flooding over the weekend, according to aNBC New Yorkreport.

The National Hurricane Center indicated Hurricane Joaquin would mostly spare the East Coast and head out to sea, but another system will likely impact the tri-state area, as overnight showers were expected to turn steadier Friday with the city getting more severe weather later in the evening, according to the NBC report, which added that the same storm system is being blamed for at least one death in South Carolina and flooding from the deep South to New England.

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The Jersey shore may see the most impact from the coastal storm system, and Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency Thursday, according to NBC. Also on Thursday, Mayor de Blasio commented in a news conference that the city’s agencies are mobilized and ready in case of an emergency, NBC reported, adding that he said the city learned “powerful lessons” from Sandy and is “much safer and much more prepared.”

Gov. Cuomo was also quoted by NBC, saying,“You simply prepare the best you can, and we have taken all appropriate measures. We are ready to use the plan that was implemented during Hurricane Irene.”

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Hurricane Joaquin, meanwhile, is moving slowly northwestward with maximum sustained winds near 130 mph as it batters the central Bahamas, NBC stated. The U.S. National Hurricane Center says some fluctuations in strength are possible during the day with slow weakening expected to begin Saturday.

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