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Avoid the Amazon gift card scam this shopping season

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‘Tis the season for holiday shopping and with that comes an increase risk for scammers.

Fraudsters are using Amazon gift cards to steal money from shoppers, according to NJ.com, and the scammed are not finding relief from the retail giant.

Nick Gladis of New Jersey bought a drone as a birthday gift to himself.

“It was the biggest purchase I’d made for myself in years,” he told NJ.com.

The ad said to text the seller before placing the order. The seller’s emails looked authentic, Gladis told NJ.com, and instructed him to buy an Amazon gift card to complete the purchase.

After Gladis provided the seller with the gift card information, his drone never arrived. Gladis said he contacted Amazon, but it said the gift card had already been used and there was nothing that could be done.

“Amazon simply does not care and has very little to say about it, and wants it brushed under the carpet so that they don’t have a sketchy name,” Gladis told NJ.com. “Amazon received the money I was scammed for either way.”

Gladis said the seller posted more items after the scam was reported.

“That’s absolutely unforgivable,” he said.

An Amazon spokesman told Metro that Amazon gift cards should only be used on Amazon.com and should never be sent directly to a seller.

The spokesman also said if anyone thinks they might be the victim of a scam: “they should absolutely contact Amazon Customer Service, where we can research what options are available. We also recommend that they file a report with the police and/or the regional fraud reporting center.”

Metro also asked Amazon what happens after a buyer makes a complaint against a specific third-party seller, and is still awaiting a response.