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‘Awkward Sex… and the City’: Still awkward, but with new sex

The cast of the "Cold May Cause Shrinkage" tour.
Meredith Truax

We can all agree the best thing to come out of an awkward sexual encounter is the opportunity to tell your friends about it. But what about a room full of strangers?

It’s what comedian Natalie Wall does on a regular basis — and she brings a rotating batch of fellow comedians to do it with her. Her show, “Awkward Sex… and the City,” features Moth-style storytelling of the comedy troupe’s most embarrassing stories from between the sheets.

Wall, who started the concept as a personal blog in New York before branching out to the stage, says she’s working to make the show more socially involved and aware, and hopes her awkward tales promote accepting, sex positive culture and education.

“When the show started, it was more about awkward sex, which is exactly what it says in the title, but I feel it’s become so much more inclusive,” she says. “It’s for learningabout different types of sex and relationships, and how all of those are okay.”

This tour, (fittingly) titled “Cold May Cause Shrinkage,” features a brand new set of stories as told by Meghan O’Malley,Carly Ann Filbin,Bobby Hankinson, Emmy Harrington and newbie,Anita Flores.

Theaddition ofHankinson, the show’s first and only male cast member, is also a recent add to the long-standing ladies only line up. Wall notes, “I think it was needed. It was starting to feel a little one-sided.”

As for the awkwardness, Wall says the stories range from “first times” to “foot festishes” to going home with a guy and realizing he still lives with his parents. Her own awkward story involves a lie about period cramps and diaherria while at the home of a new lover — but we won’t spoil the ending.

Sure, it’s pretty awkward, but Wall reminds us: that’s a good thing.

“Sex in itself is awkward and it’s not often portrayed awkwardly in movies,” she says. “It’s been a good outlet for people to be like ‘OK, cool. It’s normal that my sex life isn’t perfect.’I think [awkward sex is] one of those memories a lot of people repress, so when people hear can hear a million other stories, it makes them way more comfortable with their sexuality.”

“Awkward Sex… and the City” at the OBERON in Cambridge on Jan. 21 at 8 p.m.,and L’etage in Philadelphia on Feb. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 online, $20 at the door.

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