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Bah humbug! New York named rudest city in America

Bah humbug! New York named rudest city in America
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Have you been a jerk to somebody today? If so, you’re validating the results of a new Business Insider survey declaring New York City to be the rudest city in all of America.

Business Insider surveyed 2,092 adults, with a whopping 34.3 percent of them listing New York to be the rudest in all the land – that’s over a third of the survey participants! Imagine if over a third of the adults at your holiday dinner voted you to the kids’ table despite being 28 years old, just because you’re single. It’s a travesty!

New York is one of the most visited cities in the entire world, so a bad experience with a pedestrian or a taxi driver or a barista could skew the feelings of many people who are looking to enjoy a week off from work in this fine city. More people are destined to find problems with New York because more people simply go to New York than San Antonio or Milwaukee – volume matters, people!

Also, just think about this for a second: would you rather not make eye contact with someone on the subway and be considered rude, or make uncomfortable eye contact with someone on the subway while you’re trying to enjoy half a slice of pepperoni pizza? Easy choice.

The survey was conducted between October and November, when people are at their rudest natural state as summer comes to a close and the temperature outside gets cold, irking even the most polite of New Yorkers at times.

Rounding out the top five cities of American rudeness behind New York are Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Boston. Buffalo (No. 7) was the only other city in New York (or New Jersey) to earn mention in the top 50 of this list.

Less than a year ago, New York was also picked as the dirtiest city in the United States in a landslide over Los Angeles, according to BusyBee.

Neither of those declarations are going to affect New Yorkers very much, though. In fact, when the Post tried to interview someone about the rudeness survey, they told the reporter to “f–k off.” Never change, New York.