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Ben Affleck took nanny and pal Tom Brady on private jet to Vegas

Twitter: New York Post

Friends of Ben Affleck are shooting down claims that a photograph of his ex-nanny on a private jet wearing four of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl ringsis indication of a love affair.

The nanny, Christine Ouzounian, 28, posed on the ride to Vegas thanks to Affleck’s invitation, according to the New York Post.

Affleck’s friendsstand by the future Batman starand say the photo means nothing. Plenty of other people tried on the rings during the flight, friends later told the New York Post.

Affleck and the nanny were reportedly flying back from the Bahamas to L.A. together, leaving wife Jennifer Garner with the kids, when Affleck convinced Ouzounian to come to Vegas with him for his charity poker tournament. He also decided to invite New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady, along for the trip.

One can only imagine how Garner, 43, must be feeling.

A source at Hollywood Life said Garner fired the nanny, since she found out about the Vegas getaway and was furious.Now, Ouzounian may file a law suit against Garner for wrongful firing. The nanny claims the trip was innocent.

The couple announced their divorce just three days after the photo was taken, according to the NY Post.

Although Affleck still denies an affair between him and he nanny, the photo seems pretty incriminating.

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