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Best moments from the Global Citizen Festival 2015

Global Citizen Festival
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With a lineup boasting Beyonce, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Pearl Jam and more, the Global Citizen Festival was the place to be this weekend. Fans expected stellar performances, but there were still a ton of surprises that no one could have expected. Here, we highlight the best three:

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1. Beyonce and Ed Sheeran perform “Drunk In Love” together.

Yes, everyone knew Beyonce was performing and that Ed Sheeran was also on the bill, but performing together? Amazing. Even Jay Z looked like he was enjoying it. The two superstars performed “Drunk In Love” together, with Beyonce belting it out and Sheeran strumming his guitar.

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2. Ariana Grande and Coldplay sing a duet.

Beyonce and Ed wasn’t the only surprise collaboration. After performing several of their own songs, Coldplay invited Ariana Grande on the stage. Grande and Chris Martin sang, “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart” together, wowing the crowd.

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3. Malala captured the crowd.

Just as powerful as the performances was Malala’s time on the stage, in which she gave a rousing speech about the power of education. World leaders from all over attended the festival, but it was Malala’s quiet, yet strong voice which really left a lasting impression.

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