Beyoncé went shopping at Target and fans are freaking out on Twitter - Metro US

Beyoncé went shopping at Target and fans are freaking out on Twitter

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Next time you’re visiting Target, you may run into Beyoncé.

Target has become the go-to store for many people all over the world and it’s easy to see why.

It’s the perfect place to find affordable food, household items, toys and toilet paper. But it’s probably not the store you’d expect running into Beyoncé.

A fan running errands during her lunch break at the local Target in L.A. spotted the star and managed to get a picture. 

Beyoncé was seen behind the Pampers, casually checking out the merchandise in an orange one-piece outfit and white sunglasses.

Not the first time Beyoncé has shopped at Target


Fans were surprised to see the star in a store like Target, but “she’s not planning it to be a one-time thing,” a source from HollywoodLife said.

According to the insider, Beyoncé has been to Target several times before and she’s totally willing to repeat the experience in the future.

“She likes doing what everyone finds regular because she wants to do regular things herself from time to time. It can’t always be glitz and glamour,” the source explained.

Going to stores like Target apparently means something special for Beyoncé.

“It makes Beyoncé feel normal doing normal things like shopping at Target. She actually would love to do more of it. She misses regular life sometimes and it keeps her grounded.”

Twitter reacts to Beyoncé shopping at Target


Although it hasn’t been confirmed exactly what Beyoncé bought at the store, Chrissy Teigen seems to have an idea: Her cookware she recently released together with Target.

Teigen was far from the only one reacting to Beyoncé running errands at Target.

After the lucky fan posted the photo on her Instagram account, it quickly was shared on social media with fans expressing their shock and excitement.

So who knows? Maybe next time you’re out shopping, you’ll run into Queen B!

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