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Bieber’s hotel wipeout brings me joy

Bieber’s hotel wipeout brings me joy
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The sun sets in the west, bird fly south for winter and Justin Bieber is doing something obnoxious. You might find this hard to believe, but the Biebs was making a scene, this time at the fancy downtown L.A. JW Marriott, tearing up the opulent lobby on his skateboard — at least, that is, until he totally ate it on the marble floor.

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“He alarmed everyone when he rode his skateboard through the hotel’s lobby,” a source tells Life & Style. “Then he wiped out and took a bad spill. It was hilarious, and everyone was laughing at him.” Delightful, right? And that’s not all! Miffed about people getting a kick out of his less-than-impressive skills, Bieber stormed out to his waiting Ferrari and peeled out of there. Like a man.

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“He was so amped up he almost crashed through the exit’s mechanical arm,” the source adds. “It was pretty stupid of him.” That’s putting it mildly.

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