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Blac Chyna would still very much like to be a Z-list rapper

Blac Chyna VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2017

Blac Chyna is still trying to make Blac Chyna happen. That’s right — my fellow Charles H. Flowers High School alum (Go Jaguars!) is still going for that whole rap thing.

An insider confirms that she’s met with various labels, is collaborating with “very big” artists and will be announcing some “big news” soon.

Only problem is, she’s not very good. “Yes, she is trying to rap and no, [it’s] horrible,” a music source told Page Six. “All the majors are listening, and, sadly, she will likely get a deal. If she lands it, somebody will be stupid enough to give her a seven-figure advance.” Oh dear. 

The 29-year-old apparently hasn’t gotten the message — the site reports that she’s already turned down a deal with a major label because she wnats the music to be just right. 

News first broke of Chyna’s latest ambition in August. TMZ reported then that she was already in the studio recording something called “poetry music,” which doesn’t necessarily sound promising. 


Name that movie

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It makes sense. Chyna has a lot more free time now that she and Rob Kardashian have settled on a custody agreement. And I’m sure those Kardashian coins don’t hurt either. Girl, I am not mad at you!

The former couple reached an agreement to share joint custody of baby Dream last week, having “peacefully agreed” to co-parent. Sure! The agreement doesn’t resolve all disputes between them — like all that revenge porn he posted that one time. Yikes!

Listen, I support people going after their hopes and dreams. But I’m going to kindly pass on this one. Best of luck, bb!

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