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Black Lives Matter Boston planning Ferguson grand jury demonstration

The groupbrought these signs to the Newbury Street Shutdown in October.
Elijah C./Black Lives Matter

Daunasia Yanceywants her city to know police brutality will not be tolerated.

That is why the22-year-oldrecently signed on as the lead organizer of Black Lives Matter Boston, a local coalition that will stand with protesters across the nation who are furious over the perceivedtargeting by white police of minorities.

“Often times, the police are not necessarily protecting or servicing their communities,” said Yancey, a Boston resident. “Seeing police definitely does not make folks feel safer or more comfortable.”

Black Lives Matter Boston is planning a protest at the Dudley Square Boston Police Station the day after the grand jury’s decision is announced. Regardless of the outcome, Yanceysaid supporters are expected to show up baring signs with the poignant message, “Black Lives Matter.”

The grand jury decision is expected later Monday, which would put the group’s rally at 7 p.m. Tuesday at2400 Washington St.

Yancey said she is disappointed that law enforcement in the Boston area have not been proactive in their efforts to ease resentment within the black community.

“We haven’t heard from local police at all, which is really unfortunate. Police have not reached out,” she said. “There is some opportunity for Boston Police to reach out to the affected community. We know people are rightfully upset, and we wish to come to a resolution and open some sort of dialogue.”

Cambridge resident George Bryant expressed outrage on the BLM Boston protest page, pointing to the shooting death of a 12-year-old Cleveland boy by police.

“The whole damn system is guilty…and we need a massive out cry over the Ferguson verdict for all the victims of this white supremacist system…it matters what comes out of this moment!” Bryant wrote.

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