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Bolaris’ Weather Watch: A Labor of love this coming holiday

Summer in the City

After this scorching summer, it’s my weather pleasure to inform you that a gorgeous Canadian air mass will descend upon the entire Northeast just in time for your getaway Labor Day festivities, as yet another summer for the record books across much of the nation turns the page toward the autumn season.

Record heat with unprecedented warmth globally will be the case when the final analysis of this summer is in. The politics of global warming might once again start to “heat up” as the presidential race (aka reality show) spins its finale come this November, with my prediction of recordsetting mud-slinging dominating the headlines.

And, yes, with the arrival of cooler air come this Labor day weekend so will thoughts of football. Patriot fans, I feel for you, as one of the worst decisions in the entire history of the NFL was the suspension ofMr. Football himself, Thomas Edward Patrick “Tom Brady Jr.,” for Deflategate, which has really taken the wind/air out of the first four weeks of football in Patriotland.

Anyway, this endless summer will continue through the midweek as temperatures from Philly to NYC still flirt with the 90-degree mark. However, by Thursday the coolest and driest package of air will start to dive into the Northeast with a couple of scattered boomers on Thursday and then, plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is as golden sunshine and deep blue skies, combined with very little in the way of humidity will paint the atmosphere right through your entire holiday weekend.

Keeping an eye on the tropics

Hurricane Gaston, which has been fluctuating between tropical storm status and hurricane status, will make a strong Northeast turn and any land masses will remain out of harm’s way.

One disturbance off the Southeast coast could become a bit more organized, but even if it does strengthen some, it will push westward across the Carolinas in the short term as a minor system.

A tropical system near the Bahamas could develop into a tropical storm as it continues to move into the Gulf of Mexico.

Long-range computer models are indicating strong tropical development near the Leeward Islands by late this week.

Here’s the local forecast for the upcoming Labor Day weekend:

New York City

Friday: Golden sunshine, zip humidity, 78 degrees

Saturday: Golden sunshine again, low humidity, high of 81

Sunday: Sunshine, touch more sticky, 85

Labor Day: More humid with a high of 81 degrees


Friday: Blue skies, low humidity, high of 78

Saturday: Sunshine, pleasant, 83 degrees

Sunday: Warming up with a high of 87

Labor Day: More humidity and a high of 85


Friday: Sunshine, dry, 75 degrees

Saturday: More sun, patchy clouds, 77 degrees

Sunday: Sun, few clouds and warmer, 79

Labor Day: Sunshine, cooler, 73

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