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Boston Police warn of rideshare sex assaults

Boston Police have is issued a warning for the public to be wary of suspicious ride-sharing services after three women claimed to have been sexually assaulted over the weekend.

Investigators Tuesday issued a late-night alert in Boston in response to the separate incidents, all which happened in the early morning hours Sunday.

The first incident took place around 1 a.m. near Dorchester Avenue and Columbia Road. A woman told police she arranged for the pick-up, and got into a vehicle she believed to be a credible ride-sharing service. The driver then allegedly offered her money and touched her inappropriately.

The woman then received a text message from the actual, authorized rideshare operator stating that he had arrived to pick her up.

Later that morning, at around 2:30 a.m., a woman who said she arranged for transportation from 1030 Commonwealth Avenue to her home was molested while inside the vehicle.

Fifteen minutes later, near Faneuil Hall, a woman was picked up and fell asleep en route to Dorchester. She told police she awoke to the driver indecently assaulting her.

In all three instances, the driver let the women out after they refused his advances.

Despite the short time period in which the alleged assaults took place, and their similarities, police said they are not looking for one suspect. They also had no suspect or vehicle descriptions to offer the public.

As of deadline, no arrests had been made and police had not identified the ride-sharing companies allegedly involved.

Quick tips from BPD:

Do not get into an unmarked taxi or livery car.

Have “credible and regulated” cab company phone numbers saved to your phone ahead of time.

Use only licensed cabs or clearly identifiable livery or rideshare service vehicles that you call to your location.

Plan transportation ahead of time.

Travel with friends.

Before entering any vehicle, ask to see the operator’s license and any information confirming the driver’s employee status with the service hired.

Make note of taxi medallion numbers or license plates.

Once you are in a hired vehicle, call a friend or someone you know and let them know you are en-route.

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