The storm that pummeled the East Coast this weekend, leaving New York City withnear-record snowfall and crippling swaths of the Mid-Atlantic region, largely passed by Boston.

About six inchesof wind-whipped snow fell on the city late afternoon Saturday through Sunday morning. Bostonians woke up to a mild, blue-sky sunny morning and compacted, snowball-ready snow on Sunday.

Areas south of the city were hit harder, with 10-15 inches falling on the South Coast, on the Cape and on the islands, according National Weather Service meteorologist Kim Buttrick.

There were hurricane force winds clocked on Nantucket and Block Island, Buttrick said, and there were power outages reported throughout southeastern New England. In some areas, weather met the criteria for blizzard conditions, the Weather Service reported.


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Boston’s conditions were less intense, and by late morning Sunday, plenty were out enjoying the weather on the Common.

Nestor Rueda, new to Boston from Brazil, brought his family to the park to sled down a slight incline.

“It’s really nice. Not too cold. It’s a sunny day,” Rueda said.

Jared Platt and Lauren Pugh, visiting for the weekend from Camden, New York, spent the morning skating at Frog Pond.

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Platt, hitting the ice for the first time, gripped the sides of the rink to stay upright, but said he was enjoying himself in the mild late-morning weather.

“It’s pretty sporty out here,” Platt said, five minutes into his on-ice excursion. “It’s not helping me too much.”

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