Twitter reacts to East Coast ‘bomb cyclone’ winter storm – Metro US

Twitter reacts to East Coast ‘bomb cyclone’ winter storm

Twitter reacts to East Coast ‘bomb cyclone’ winter storm

A so-called bomb cyclone is pummeling the East Coast, with powerful winds and strong wind gusts causing many people to remain indoors for the day.

According to CNN, more than 13 million people are under blizzard warnings from Virginia to Maine.  

New Yorkers and others along the path of the bomb cyclone are urged to stay indoors if possible to avoid hazardous weather conditions.

New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and other area schools along the East Coast have been shut down today and those who are able to work from home are encouraged to do so because of the rough weather.

The blistering cold temperatures, heavy snowfall and dangerous wind gusts of up to 50 mph are causing people to share their thoughts (and memes) about the sudden storm sweeping across the East Coast. 

Twitter reacts to bomb cyclone winter storm


Although this is .GIF is of Fox 29 Philadelphia reporter Steve Keeley during a snowstorm in 2014, it pops up everytime when describing heavy snowfall.

This person is encouraging people to check their cars because animals are attracted to heat coming from the engine. 

If you’re stuck in the house but you know you need to take your four-legged friend outside at some point, then this little guy has  a few style tips, courtesy of Bark Box. 

There are some people who missed the second “c” in “cyclone” and caused the hashtag #BOMBCYLONE to trend on Twitter. 

If I have to leave my bed tomorrow!? All jokes aside, tremendously thankful that I have a warm home to snuggle. My heart goes out to all those who don’t ? here’s an article I read by @bustle on ways to help the homeless affected by #bombcylone https://t.co/SvnvyYKPuY pic.twitter.com/MRLdFIvYEA

— Bri Morris (@morebriplease) January 4, 2018

And of course, the Fearless Girl statue in Lower Manhattan can withstand any kind of weather.