Hillary Clinton and Stone Cold Steve Austin break the glass ceiling together (YouTube video)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is the candidate with the strongest pro wrestling background. The man hosted not one, but two WrestleManiasat Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, appeared in a hair vs. hair match against Vince McMahon at another WrestleMania and, ya know, constantly talks as if he's delivering a shoot wrestling promo.


This week, however, Hillary Clinton made her wrestling presence known as she "shattered the glass." The termis well known by wrestling fans as the sound of breaking glass is the opening part of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's iconic theme.


Clinton is obviously breaking the glass ceiling by becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major U.S. party, but the video above got more than a few Generation Y'ersup out of their seats in anticipation of the Texas Rattlesnakes' debut at the DNC. I suppose there's still Wednesday and Thursday night for that.


In the meantime, Hillary might want to think about making some, "When You Hear the Glass, it's Your Ass" T-shirts made up.