Elf on the Shelf, meet Statie.

The popular Elf on the Shelf doll known for keeping an eye on children in the weeks leading up to Christmas is taking on some additional duties this year for Massachusetts State Police.

This past weekend troopers introduced their doll, called Statie, who comes complete with a uniform in official state trooper blue.

"We'd like to formally introduce 'Statie,' who joined us this week," according to the State Police Facebook page, which posted the announcement Sunday morning."Thanks to Santa ??for sending him down to keep an eye on the Commonwealth. We think he's going to be a great new asset to our team."


Troopers encouraged the public to watch Statie in action this month on the department's Instagram account @massstatepolice.

State Police officials seemed to share in the holiday spirit that Statie brought out. The doll was photographed "making snow angels" on the windshield of a snow-covered police cruiser on Monday

"First day on the job, Statie is sent out to clear snow off the cruisers, and instead we find him making snow angels....we may have to keep an eye on him," according to the State Police Facebook account.

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