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Administrators at Catholic Memorial School in Newton have issued an apology after students from the school chanted anti-Semitic jeers at a sports game on Friday, reported.

The students reportedly chanted ‘‘You killed Jesus’’ at a basketball game against Newton North High School fans; the school has a large Jewish population.

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“Catholic Memorial School is deeply disturbed by the behavior of a group of student spectators who made an unacceptable chant Friday night while playing Newton North High School,” Catholic Memorial wrote in a statement released Saturday.


“CM faculty and staff acted immediately to stop the behavior. Administrators from both schools and representatives from the MIAA discussed the incident. At the conclusion of the game, CM students were reprimanded and each student personally apologized to the Principal of Newton North High School and shook his hand before leaving the arena,” the statement read.

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The students' offensive act even caught the attention of the Archdiocese of Boston, who called the incident “unacceptable,” according to CBS.

Catholic Memorial High School is an all boys school in West Roxbury.

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