C.M. Punk training for his upcoming UFC debut against Mickey Gall.

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The “fake” world of WWE is invading the all-too-real world of UFC as two former WWE World Heavyweight champions are set to fight at upcoming UFC pay-per-views.

CM Punk will finally step into the octagon on Saturday, Sept. 10 in Cleveland, Ohio at UFC 203 and will square off against Mickey Gall. Gall is a -300 favorite to beat Punk in Punk’s debut match and Gall has said that he will finish Punk in the “first round.”

Punk isn’t fazed by the collective doubt as he went on Colin Cowherd’s radio show this week and defended his choice to leave the world of pro wrestling in favor of MMA.

“I do find it strange that there are those fringe fans that are so in love with [the sport] that they want to try to protect it and for whatever reason, somebody like myself fighting in the UFC somehow degrades the sport,” Punk said. “I always think at the end of the day there’s two human beings locked inside of a cage, trying to hurt each other. You can’t really degrade that. There’s something pure about it that nobody outside of that cage can touch.


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“To wrestling fans who say, ‘Oh, this is B.S. - the ones who say I’m going to fight one time are the same ones now saying I’m never going to make it to the Octagon,” Punk added. “They’re entitled to their opinion, but I’ll prove them all wrong.”

Wrestling fans never got to see a Lesnar – Punk feudin WWE and it’s not going to happen in UFC either due to the wide discrepancy in weight classes. But it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a Undertaker-Lesnar – like staredown (see video above) between Punk and Lesnar during the UFC 200 PPV on Saturday, July 9. That’s the date that Lesnar will take on Mark Hunt. Hunt is currently a -160 favorite against Lesnar.

“You gotta understand, Brock hasn’t been in the [UFC] ring in five years,” MMA analyst Chael Sonnen told Submission Radio. “Hunt was the No. 1 contender within the last calendar year.”

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