Boston’s official pumpkin now has a name: “Gourdo” – Metro US

Boston’s official pumpkin now has a name: “Gourdo”

Boston’s official pumpkin now has a name: “Gourdo”

Boston’s official pumpkin and its three compatriots now have names.

The Boston Public Market told Metro the much-celebrated 1,020 pound pumpkin would henceforth be known as “Gourdo.”

The market last week asked visitors to contribute name ideas via ballots for impossibly big orb of pulp, who had been tweeting until now as the “BPM Pumpking.”

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“We were delighted by all the creative responses to our naming competition and thrilled to have so many people visit the market to see ‘Gourdo the Pumpking’ and the other giant pumpkins,” said Tiffani Emig, BPM manager, in an email.

The three other gigantic vegetables on display in the market were dubbed “Squashuel Adams,” “Linus” and “Gertrude.”

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Since their arrival on Wednesday, they quickly became a destination for Bostonians looking to pose for pictures and ogle the agricultural marvels.

“Gourdo” is by far the biggest among them. The others weigh in at 450, 500 and 800 pounds, a market spokesman said.

This story has been updated with the correct spelling of “Squashuel Adams.”