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The truth about pumpkin spice season

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Fall is best known as the season of pumpkin spice and apple season but who has the coveted spot as favorite fall flavor? Grubhub investigated the truth about which flavors reigns supreme during autumn. 

It should come as no surprise that pumpkin spice topped their list as the most sought-after fall flavor, followed closely by caramel apple. Other favorite flavors of autumn include apple cinnamon, pear, and maple. 

The most coveted pumpkin-flavored item is perhaps the pumpkin spice latte. Every year, pumpkin spice latte (PSL) seasons gets pushed forward, this year Dunkin’ released its PSL on Aug. 21 and Starbucks released theirs on Aug. 27. Despite August becoming the starting month for the fan-favorite, August isn’t really when people are opting for that flavor.  

Although PSL’s came back in August, this study shows that the height of pumpkin spice or the overall pumpkin-flavored craze is actually October. It was reported that in October there were 118 percent more orders on pumpkin items, followed by November. November has 92 percent more pumpkin- and pumpkin spice flavored items. 

The fascination with pumpkin flavored items go beyond festive drinks, with the flavor being popular in other dishes. But this study shows that they are most popular in breakfast and dessert dishes.  

Topping the list for most popular pumpkin dish is the pumpkin spice pancake. The pumpkin spice pancake is followed by pumpkin pie milkshake, pumpkin-spiced cheesecake, pumpkin cupcake, and pumpkin spice cookies.  

Although the east coast loves pumpkin-flavored items, the study shows that the west coast’s passion tops the list for locations with the most ordered pumpkin items. California tops the list as the state with the most pumpkin orders. The rest of the top five are Oregon, Washington, Ohio, and Utah. 

As much as we love pumpkin or pumpkin-spiced flavored goodies, we cannot survive on pumpkin or pumpkin spice flavored items alone, so in addition, Grubhub predicted the fall’s other top food trends.

1.    Pesto pasta

2.    Fried okra

3.    Lemongrass soup