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Spring Mini-sessions Start Soon!

Spring is coming. Time to enroll in your first college course, continue your education, or go after a certificate or degree that could enrich your life or change your future.

Get started with a mini-session course that meets once or twice a week from March 21 to May 16. These are good foundational courses for many certificates and degrees—and the credits are readily transferrable.

Spring courses include:

College Writing I (ENG 111): Turn personal experience, readings and other material into well-crafted essays.
Principles of Marketing (MAN 105): Explore the many decisions that go into creating consumer satisfaction in today’s competitive environment.
Principles of Psychology (PSY 101): Delve into consciousness, motivation, emotion, personality, abnormal behavior and more.

Register now for mini-session courses beginning March 21 or apply for summer or fall. Complete list of mini-session courses with descriptions, registration information and more at bhcc.edu/mini.

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