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Burger King is selling Surge soda, but you better get there fast

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Every 90s kid remembers Surge soda, whether or not they were allowed to drink it. The addictive drink sat somewhere between Mountain Dew and Gatorade and boasted a uniquely strong effect on your energy levels. Essentially, they named it properly for that surge of enormous, hyperactive energy you got — at least for about 20 minutes. Now Burger King is letting you relive the high by stocking the soda, but you better act fast.

Skip the eBay scrolling for now. For a limited time, Burger King is the home of Surge soda, which was Coca-Cola’s response to Pepsi’s ultra-popular Mountain Dew. The citrus-flavored soda was discontinued by the company back in 2003, but has made brief reappearances ever since. It now has its own website, and has quickly gained the same status of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, both of which boast their own Twitter account. (Surge soda even had its own Instagram account, where it’s been boasting about its comeback, since 2014.)

But this time, it looks like the comeback will stick a while longer.



How long is Surge soda at Burger King?

Although it sounds like a long time, we promise your window of opportunity to get your fill of Surge soda will go by in a flash. Select Burger King locations will have the soda until February 2019. But how do you know where to go? We have that info, too.

You need to find the nearest Burger King location that has a Coca-Cola Freestyle. It’s touch-screen soda machine that dispenses Coca-Cola products. You might have seen one in a movie theater close to you. Most of them also offer custom blends. And, no, you don’t have to call ahead on this one if you don’t want to. Coca-Cola knows how much you missed Surge soda, so they put together a location finder for the Freestyle at Burger King. Find the location nearest you through this tool, and then head out there to rekindle your love of the nostalgic drink ASAP.



Can I get Surge soda anywhere else?

Thankfully, yes. You have options for stocking up ahead of that February 2019 cut off. The website for Surge has a product finder tool to find retailers near you. Make a mental note and then head out and clean the shelves so that you’re stocked for the Surge-less times ahead.

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Keep an eye on this Amazon page for Surge, as well. There isn’t currently any in stock, but the Surge website is promoting it as the go-to place for buying the soda on the online retailer. If they intend to sell Surge soda through Amazon, this will be the place they do it. The listing is for a 12-pack of 16-ounce cans. So clearly you’ll need 5 cases.

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