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Caitlyn Jenner is bored, would like to dabble in politics now

It seems like Caitlyn Jenner has been offering slightly insane soundbites forever. Or at least, while promoting her memoir, “The Secrets of My Life.” But it’s literally only been a week since Jenner revealed that making sweet love to Kris Jenner was adequate. Truly, it’s been the longest week of my life.

Now, the 67-year-old is talking politics and for Dumbledore’s sake make it stop.

The long-time Republican sat down with the Daily Beast to talk about how despite voting for Trump, that’s not necessarily where her loyalties now lie. “My loyalties are not with Donald Trump,” she said. “My loyalties are not with the Republican Party. My loyalties are with [the LGTBQ] community, and to make it better for my community. I think it wouldn’t be very respectful of my community to be visible out there and play golf with Trump.” That is correct. Good job Cait!

Although Cait did say one smart thing, she says a lot more things that are … let’s just say, less smart. Here they are, ranked from “I’m sorry, what?” to “Girl, bye.”

On chatting with VP Mike Pence about LGBTQ issues: Jenner said she told Vice President Mike Pence — a man known for being deeply unsympahetic to the LGBTQ cause, who has supported religitous-based conversation programs — that she wanted to explain “[her] journey” to him in a private meeting.

I’m sorry, what? Mike Pence does not care about your journey, boo. He doesn’t even believe in evolution, so just give that one up before you start.   

On the backlash to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad: “I wish they would have maybe been a little toughter and held [the commercial] out there and said, ‘Look this is not about those things. This is not about Black Lives Matter or any of that.’”

I’m sorry, what? It literally was inspired by Black Lives Matter, dear.

On running for office: “I don’t have any more secrets. It’s all out. I’m an open book… Can you see a Senator Jenner? Hmm!”

GIRL BYE. I refuse to acknowledge this ever again.

This has been your daily, maddening Caitlyn Jenner update. 

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