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CBGB is back… as an airport restaurant in New Jersey

CBGB was a legend in NYC’s music scene, where artists from around the country and beyond aspired to play. Now, we can all aspire to eat French onion soup and roasted beet salad from a restaurant that bears its name at Newark Airport.

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Gothamistfirstreported the travesty earlier today, after photos from@nickydiysurfaced of the restaurant under construction inside the airport, though it’s unclear which terminal will be graced/shamed with its presence.

Is it better or worse that there’s no attempt to reference its musical roots?

Even its new name, CBGB L•A•B (LoungeAndBar), sounds market researched to within an inch of itshumorless life, and the menu reads like it wandered around the airport for a while and couldn’t decide on a destination. But the font! That was worthkeeping.

Just one more thing that’slegal in New Jersey.

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