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Charlize Theron doesn’t even remember you, Tia Mowry

Charlize Theron Atomic Blonde Premiere

Charlize Theron — “Atomic Blonde” star and dreamy, ass-kicking babe — has heard about that Tia Mowry rumor. And it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t even know what a Tia Mowry is.

The 41-year-old reacted to an old rumor that she was rude to Mowry after a run-in at SoulCycle on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” because, of course.

In 2014, the um, “Sister, Sister” star allegedly told InTouch that Theron snubbed her, big time. “She wasn’t very nice to me,” Mowry told the mag. “I said, ‘Hi,’ and she actually rolled her eyes and said, ‘Oh my God. I wasn’t over-the-top… Charlize was just mean.”

When Cohen asks the “Mad Max: Fury Road” star about the run in, it’s pretty clear that Theron has no f—s to give. “I’m not an eye roller,” she says. “But I would be like f—k off.

“I’m really nice at SoulCycle actually, because once my endorphins kick in I’m actually almost too friendly,” she continued. “I’m always touching people, like, ‘Hey!’”

I, for one, am not convinced. But also, you guys, SoulCycle is the worst, and none of this would have happened if all celebrities were more dedicated to being couch potatoes and less dedicated to living their best, healthiest lives.