Conan O'Brien debates Tom Brady's sunburn cure with Patriots fans - Metro US

Conan O’Brien debates Tom Brady’s sunburn cure with Patriots fans

Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien may be an avid fan of the New England Patriots, but that doesn’t mean he’s buying Tom Brady’s latest health claims.

The late-night host and Massachusetts native poked fun at the Super Bowl-winning quarterback over an excerpt from his new book, which revealed Brady’s cure for sunburns. According to the NFL star, he believes that drinking enough water can prevent people from getting burns.

“In Tom Brady’s new book, he says that drinking a lot of water prevent sunburns,” O’Brien said on his show this week. “I’m not making this up. Tom Brady says if you drink enough water you will not get suburns.”

The comedian added, “I’m a huge Patriots fan and I’m a Tom Brady fan. I’m from Boston, but that doesn’t sound right to me.”

That statement didn’t go over well with a couple of sunburnt Patriots “fans” in the crowd, who couldn’t believe that O’Brien would bash their gridiron deity.

“Conan, are you calling Tom Brady a liar?” one of the faux fans remarked. “Tom Brady is a god.”

The humorous duo had a pretty hilarious explaination for Brady’s cure, calling it “simple science” that’s akin to putting a fire out with water.

“It’s the same thing,” one of the fans explained. “You drink a lot of water and it puts out the skin fire.”

During his back-and-forth with the fake, but funny members of Patriots nation, O’Brien said that people should listen to real health care experts and not famous people.

“You guys need to listen to doctors, not athletes,” he said.

Check out the full clip featuring Conan O’Brien below.

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