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Cowboys have gotten dramatically better since Week 1 Giants game

The Giants won at Dallas in Week 1.
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It seems like an eternity ago that the Dallas Cowboys lost. That’s because, in NFL terms, it was an eternity.

The Cowboys lost in Week 1 to the New York Giants, the team they will face on Sunday night on national television. Dallas is 11-1, the best record in the NFL and a team that is suddenly the hot pick to make the Super Bowl. Yet since that loss to the Giants in the season’s opening week, nothing has dramatically changed about the Cowboys -who they are or what they do since the debut of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott.

All that’s changed is that they’ve simply gotten better.

“No matter how good a team is you wouldn’t think (they could win)11 straight. Somebody would get them in the division or what have you, but hats off to them,” linebacker Jonathan Casillas said. “They have been playing really good football, they have played some really good teams on the road and got wins, especially in the last few weeks, so you have got to tip your hat to them. They are a really good team.”

In that Week 1 loss, Prescott threw for 227 yards, completing 55.6 percent of his passes. He didn’t have a touchdown or an interception thrown. Casillas said the Cowboys are that same team.

“I don’t think it is too much of a difference with them,” he said.

Most impressive has been the display of Prescott. The fourth round pick has 19 touchdowns this year and just two interceptions. In comparison, Giants quarterback Eli Manning had two interceptions this past Sunday in a loss at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“These are two rare rookies. When you have people like this playing this late in the season, this well and this young, it is very rare to see that and very rare to find it. But they are doing it at a high level. Since Week 1 they have been doing it at a high level,” Casillas said. “They have been starters since Week 1, they really didn’t have time to learn. They learned on the go. Like I said, these are tremendous athletes, they are playing bigger than they are as in they have more experience. They are playing like they have a lot more experience than they actually do and we are going to have our hands full. Dak has gotten better since Week 1 and Zeke has gotten better since Week 1.”

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