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Creme Egg McFlurry: Is it out yet and can I get it in the US?

Creme Egg McFlurry

As Easter quickly approaches us, McDonald’s has decided to bring back the Creme Egg McFlurry for a limited time.

That’s right, the same Cadbury Creme Eggs many people love to eat around Easter is also available in the form of a McDonald’s McFlurry frozen treat, and it has returned. Move over, Shamrock Shake, you’ve got some competition.

According to McDonald’s the Creme Egg McFlurry is made with vanilla soft-serve ice cream with pieces of milk chocolate blended together with the “yolk” center of the Cadbury creme egg candy.

Creme Egg McFlurry calories

For those wondering about the calorie count for the McDonald’s beverage, we’ve got that information for you as well. According to McDonald’s, there are 405 calories in the dessert drink with a whopping 56 grams of sugar per serving. According to the World Health Organization, the recommended amount of sugar per day is 25 grams. So be prepared for a sugar rush.

The news of McDonald’s bringing back the sweet treat is creating such a buzz on social media that people are wondering if it is available in the U.S.

creme egg mcflurry

Where can I get the Creme Egg McFlurry?

If the thought of a Creme Egg McFlurry has you wanting to run down to your local Micky D’s to indulge in all the creamy goodness your heart desires, you need to hang on for a second. According to McDonald’s, it has only been released in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada. There hasn’t been an official word about the Creme Egg McFlurry being released in the U.S., but if you live near Canada, you can always travel across the border and get to the nearest McDonald’s in our northern neighbor for a fix. You have until April 10 to grab one.

Creme Egg McFlurry hack

If your desire to have a Creme Egg McFlurry reaches a level that is beyond your control, you can always get a little creative and make one on your own. There are plenty of creme egg ideas on Pinterest you can find and there’s a video from Popsugar’s “Eat the Trend” series that shows you exactly how to make your own

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