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Rick & Morty super-fan buys McDonald’s Szechuan sauce for way too much money

Rick in a McDonald's drive-thru

One of the insanely rare bottles of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce that was given out to Rick & Morty fans in the wake of its third season premiere has been sold on Ebay for $15,000.

Following The Rickshank Rickdemption’s numerous references to the condiment, McDonald’s sent Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland a bottle of the Szechuan Sauce and gave bottles to three lucky fans that had tweeted their joy at its comeback. One of the recipients was Robert Workman, who quickly polled what to do with the product.

After deciding against bathing in the sauce, he instead put it on Ebay, where it sold on August 10 for the grand sum of $15,350. The amount had really started to spiral after DJ Deadmau5 tweeted about trying to buy it. This provoked a splurge of new bids from food-lovers intent on tasting the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, which was originally released back in 1998 as part of a cross-promotion with Mulan.

Disaster struck, though, when Workman failed to hear back from the original winner, and Ebay insisted that he wasn’t allowed to relist the item. Suddenly in a lurch, Workman offered the sauce to Deadmau5. But he was busy getting married over the weekend, which meant that Workman had a few days to try and dream up what he would do with the sauce that might come close to compensating for his lost $15,000.

Luckily for Workman he didn’t need to go to such lengths, as the power of post-marital bliss convinced Deadmau5 to purchase the Szechuan sauce. Rather than pocketing the full amount himself, Workman has decided to give 25 percent of the money to a number of charities, including children’s charity Extra Life and gaming charity AbleGamers.

If your taste buds have been piqued by this tale, you’ll be delighted to know that another bottle of Szechuan sauce is currently for sale on Ebay. However, it is only half a bottle, as the seller couldn’t resist the temptation to try it.



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