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When do Shamrock Shakes come out?

when do shamrock shakes come out

The weather finally hit the 60s and there’s Easter candy in the drug store aisles, and that means another springtime favorite is right around the corner. But when do Shamrock Shakes come out?

Although other outlets offer the mint green milkshakes, it’s the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake you think of when St. Patrick’s Day approaches. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the green-hued holiday to get your hands on this delicious dessert.

So, when do Shamrock Shakes come out?

If you’re thinking of McDonald’s specifically when you ask when do Shamrock Shakes come out, today is your lucky day. The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake 2018 release date is today, Wednesday, February 21. That’s right, the wait is already over.

Some lucky fans of the fast food giant got the shakes one day early if some posts that hit Twitter yesterday are real, but the thick and rich shakes have officially been rolled out across the country — but only for a limited time.

when do shamrock shakes come out mcdonalds

Stop asking when do Shamrock Shakes come out and go get one immediately if you’re a big fan. The Shamrock Shake — made of McDonald’s “Shamrock Shake syrup” and vanilla soft-serve — has been around since 1970, but you only have a couple weeks to get your fill until next year.



In case you’re not having such an easy time locating the green gulps — unlike Twitter’s Diesel Farm Girl, who got her hands on one of the coveted drinks on February 7 — McDonald’s also announced that along with their Shamrock Shakes 2018, the chain launched an app on Android to help you locate the fan favorite drink.



You can download the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Finder app here, which will not only allow you to find the drink at the closest location to you but also exchange Shamrock Shake stickers and toast to St. Patrick’s Day. Fair warning: Digital stickers will not save you from real life pinching on the holiday.

So when do Shamrock Shakes come out? As soon as you can get to a McDonald’s, place your order and pay up. Shake break, anyone?


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