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Dana Loesch removes NRA from Twitter bio, firestorm of reaction tweets ensue

The NRA’s firebrand mouthpiece Dana Loesch has removed the gun rights organization from her Twitter bio, setting off a firestorm of reactions across the Twittersphere.

Dana Loesch’s bio now reads: “Nationally syndicated radio host. Bestselling author. #2A advocate. Born for the storm. ‘Raven-winged avatar’ – The Atlantic. All opinions mine” with an American flag emoji.

The tweets in response immediately linked Loesch removing the NRA to the recent arrest and indictment of Maria Butina, a Russian national who is accused of acting as an unregistered agent for a foreign country — and also infiltrating the NRA to advance Russian interests.

Federal authorities are currently investigating whether the NRA, which donated $30 million to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, laundered Russian money through campaign contributions.

Dana Loesch removing the NRA from her Twitter bio appears to have been done well before the Butina-NRA-Russia controversy, however, as records appear to indicate she removed references to the organization sometime back in November 2017.

References to the NRA have also been removed from Dana Loesche’s Instagram and Facebook accounts as well.

Twitter responds to Dana Loesch removing NRA

Despite Dana Loesch removing the NRA from her Twitter bio well before the Maria Butina news broke, tweeters were firing on all cylinders across the social media network in response on Monday.

Here are just a few that stood out:

“Sometimes I wonder: was @DLoesch born a piece of trash or is it a decision she makes daily?” one person wondered.

Another asked, “Dare you not the NRA propaganda tool for horny old white men with little man parts? Scared of prison or already rolling on your old employer? I say both! #KarmaRules”

“Sleeping with and speaking for the devil didn’t really pan out,” someone wrote.

“Yeah, that’ll do it. If she removes NRA from her bio, that will totally fool the FBI and DOJ!” one tweeter wrote.

“Just wondering if you still work for the NRA. It seems to have disappeared form your bio. They’ve done nothing wrong, right? So why are you detaching and running away?”

Another suggested Dana Looesch is “still busy counting her rubles” while one wrote she was “born for the storm except she’s blocked half the Resistance.” 

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