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Deadly delicious ways to use leftover Halloween candy from Adam Richman

Adam Richman wants you to know that there’s a better way to enjoy that Halloween candy than straight from the wrapper in a marathon sugar session. These recipes take leftover Halloween candy and transform them into indulgent desserts (and one main dish) that you’ll actually savor.

Metro talked to Adam Richman, TV personality, culinary traveler and author of “Straight Up Tasty” about how everything from gummy bears to Mars bars, Smarties to Snickers, can be repurposed into recipes well worth saving some leftover Halloween candy.

Although it might be the hardest to save, Richman says chocolate is his favorite leftover Halloween candy to transform. “It’s versatile and can be made savory or can remain sweet,” he explains. And he backed that up with an exclusive mole recipe for Metro, which uses Hershey’s minis to create a savory supper that will shake up your weeknight dinner bird boredom. You’ll never think of chicken dinners the same way again after getting a forkful of this dish!

Adam Richman Leftover Halloween Candy

And it isn’t easy for him to save the coveted sweet either! Richman’s a chocolate lover, turning down sugar-based candies in favor of cocoa.

But what if you get a lot of those sugary sweets in your Halloween haul? You’re not a big fan of eating them plain, so what is there to do? Richman has tips for using those up in delicious ways, too. If you get a hard, sugar-based candy, save them for when you have guests come over. Then crush them and use them as a whimsical sugar rim for cocktails. And if you have gummies, they’re perfect for making kids feel like they’re at an ice cream shop without leaving the comfort of your own home. Just sprinkle them over the frozen dessert with chocolate chips and sprinkles for a fun fro-yo shop-inspired sweet.

Make sure you check out the savory recipes Richman created exclusively for Metro. You’ll transport your taste buds in a Latin adventure with this recipe for mole that can be drizzled on everything from veggies and tofu to chicken and steak. And, trust us, once you taste it, you’ll want to slather it on everything.

But if you look through the recipes and still can’t bear to do anything else with your precious Reese’s than eat them as they are, Richman says go for it. “You only live once! Indulge!”

Click through the slides above to see all of Adam Richman’s recipes for transforming leftover Halloween candy.