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Did Scott Disick skip out on his kids to go on a bender?

Scott Disick Partying Bender
Scott Disick doing what he does best: Partying at 1OAK. Photo: Getty Images

Scott Disick is really doing the most out here.

According to TMZ, his most recent bender — you know, the one where he very publicly squeezed various parts of Bella Thorne’s 19-year-old body — climaxed right at the two week mark. For a minute there, there was some concern about whether or not he was coming home. And whether or not he would get around to seeing his kids Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2.

Sources tell the site that Scott was supposed to return to Los Angeles after his wild and terrifying trip in Cannes, but instead he went out for a casual frolic in Monaco. Then Ibiza. Then London. And apparently, the people he’s hanging out with are his “party friends,” which has Disick’s closest friends worried.

Thankfully, on Saturday the 34-year-old was spotted with his two eldest, Mason and Penelope. Which is great! Take care of your kids already, dude. But his um, adventures, haven’t been without consequence. “He has been partying for weeks, and it has been catching up to him. He is not 20 anymore and has complained that he is not feeling great,” a source tells Daily Mail. “Usually L.A. is the place he returns to when he is ready to shape up.”

If I know anything about Disick — which, I don’t, really. It’s mostly guesswork — it’s that he’s probably not ready to shape up. When you’re a grown man parading around an array of women in an effort to make your ex-partner slash mother of your children jealous, well. You’re pretty far gone.

I mean, Bella Thorne? Really?

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