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Dim sum and bagels mingle at Mission Chinese’s new brunch service

Eva Kis, Metro

Mission Chinese Food is launching breakfast (for real this time) on Christmas Day.

A recent cereal-themed project with Kellogg’s got chef Danny Bowien thinking about breakfast, and he decided to combine the best of two cultures for his new spread, which debuts at a 10 a.m.-3 p.m. brunch service on Thursday.

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“We’re gonna have dim sum carts going around, but not with traditional dim sum,” he says. “It’s gonna be Mission Chinese Food: little plates of mapo tofu, and scrambled egg and tapioca dumplings.”

A second cart will travel the dining room laden with Black Seed’s Montreal-style bagels, baked in MCF’s wood-fired ovens, alongside the appropriate accoutrements like chopped liver and a collaborative take on whitefish salad.

There’s also this, so who knows where else the menu will roam:

The combination “makes absolutely no sense,” Bowien acknowledges, “but we can get away with it ‘cause we just do what we want. It’s stuff we’re actually excited about; it’s not for kitsch.” Brunch in NYC just doesn’t feel complete without a bagel, he says, and with a lot of tourists eating at Mission Chinese, why not treat them to another best-of staple of the city?

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For Bowien though, it does get a little personal: “I just want to eat bagels on Christmas Day instead of Chinese food, ‘cause I’m around [it] all the time.I eat pizzaat Mission Chinese Food more than I eat Chinese food.”

The restaurant is not accepting reservations for Christmas Day, so open those stockings early. Brunch service will continue on weekends.

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