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Donald Trump Jr. will receive six figures to speak for 30 minutes

Donald Trump Jr. will receive six figures to speak for 30 minutes

If you want to have Donald Trump Jr. speak at your next event, be expected to pay six figures.

President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr. will be paid 100,000 to give a 30-minute speech at the University of North Texas on October 24 at the Kuehne Speaker Series event. To go a long with his six-figure fee, he will also have up to $5,000 covered for food, lodging and travel accommodations.

Trump Jr. will attend a dinner the night before, a VIP reception before the event and then have a VIP breakfast the next day and get paid a cool $100,000.

The Trump Jr. speaking fees are paid for by private donations and his appearance will help raise money for the National Merit Scholarships for students at the university.

The North Texas Daily obtained a copy of the contract showing Trump Jr.’s “fee” for speaking at the event.  According to the documents, Donald Trump Jr. will give a 30-minute speech, followed by a moderated question and answer session for another 30 minutes.

Newsweek reports Donald Trump Jr. charged the same fee for his visit to Faulkner University. 

Although Donald Trump Jr. has been speaking at events before his father became the president of the United States, at least one expert is saying his business deals and paid speeches might an ethics violation because of his connection to the White House.  

“The paid speeches do not break any laws, but create a risk of Trump’s children getting unethical benefits from their father’s role as president,” said Noah Bookbinder, the executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington to NBC News. “They also open the possibility of foreign governments using access to Trump’s children as a way to influence U.S. policy,” he added.

Trump Jr. isn’t the only member of the family who has been criticized for using their White House connection to make a profit. In 2016, Ivanka Trump attempted to auction a 45-minute private meeting with her to raise money for the Eric Trump Foundation to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The auction had to be canceled.

In the past, Trump Jr. criticized Bill Clinton about paid speeches while his wife Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

In October, Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for getting “paid $225,000 by a Brazilian bank for a speech that called for ‘open’ borders.”

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