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Don’t freak out about the prosecco shortage


Sure it’s Rosé season, but we like to sip our share of Prosecco, which is why the news about leading prosecco manufacturers warning of a “global shortage” threw us into a panic.

The way we drink, we can’t afford to throw back as many bottles of champagne as the less expensive Italian counterpart. Prosecco is our answer to endless mimosa-filled brunches, catch-ups with mom and feeling fancy when we host dinner parties.

To gauge how bad the situation really is, we contacted Enore Ceola, CEO of Mionetto, the top selling prosecco in the US.

Ceola confirmed that thanks to its popularity, there will be a shortage of the Italian bubbly this year. But before you freak out, he went on to explain that producers who have been in business for a long time, and have good relationships with vineyards and know how to buy grapes, will be fine, it’s the less established brands — those who have come on the category in the last five years — who will be, well, dry.

“We know we’re tight, but we’ll get through until the next harvest, he says. Mionetto, by the way, has been doing this for 130 years.

“But for [brands like] Cupcake, it will be challenging.”

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