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Elizabeth Warren is ‘disappointed’ in Al Franken, won’t say if he should resign

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren once again weighed in on the allegations against Al Franken during her appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Monday night.

The Massachusetts senator previously called her Democratic colleague’s behavior “unacceptable” and reiterated her disappointment in Franken while chatting with Colbert. Although a second woman has accused the Minnesota senator of groping, according to a new report, Warren wouldn’t say whether Franken should resign or not during her discussion with the late-night host.

“People are calling for Al Franken to step down. Do you think he should?” Colbert asked Warren.

“I was just enormously disappointed about this,” Warren replied. “I knew Sen. Franken long before he was Sen. Franken, and his wife, Franny. These allegations are serious and women have a right to be heard and listened to on this. Al is going to be subjected to a hearing in the Unites States Senate in an investigation.”

She added, “He’s going to go in and answer.”

Warren went on to talk about how all the recent sexual harassment stories are just the tip of the iceberg, as she hopes the high profile headlines will lead to change in workplaces across the country involving men who aren’t famous, but are in positions of power.

“This ia moment in America, as I see it. The question is whether this is a moment that’s big flash and then nothing really changes, nobody feels like they have to answer, or, is this a moment when there’s real change? I’ll tell you how I think we’re going to know whether or not it’s a moment when there’s real change. It’s going to be when there’s accountability for famous people, but it’s more going to be when the shift manager decides that maybe giving the good shifts only to women who will play sex games back in the dressing room is not a good idea.”

Warren also weighed in on the scandals surrounding Roy Moore and if she’d support expelling the Alabama Senate candidate should he get elected.

“We’re not there yet,” Warren said. “We’re still pre-election, and I think we have a really good candidate on the Democratic side. And the people of Alabama need to get out there. I hope they support that Democratic candidate.”

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